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Team and Group Manager

In this area you will have access to a program to help organize and track your teams. Each team will have their own information and records including a calendar. Here are some samples:

Here's a sample of a Team's Home Page for a Ladies 4.0 Team.  From here you can view individual match histories, edit player details which include manually entering the rankings and remove a player.

Team Roster

Here is a sample of the player stats for the team showing win percentages and records. You can filter by either singles or doubles matches. Also from this page you can view individual match histories.

Team Stats

Here is a sample of Match History for an individual player generated from the Player Stat Page. You can filter by singles or doubles matches.

Player Match History

Here is a sample of a Team Calendar that can be set up for each individual team and emailed to the roster. You can also add individual notes under each day, for example details about the practice or upcoming events. To see a live version of the calendar visit the samples under Marketing or click here.

Team Calendar

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