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There are different options available for Handouts (read why use Handouts here)

Handouts using the Daily Sheet Function(Camp and Event Manager Section)

You can save handouts from the Daily Sheet Function (.pdf file) and either print or email.

Here are some samples:

Crosscourt Returns in Doubles

U10 Handout

Create Your Own(Using the Daily Sheet Function in the Camps and Event Manager Section)

We continue to expand your options for the Daily Sheet (you can easily create handouts – for lesson plans and to give to participants as an added value). When you create a Daily Sheet you now have SIX options for adding information;

  1. Conditioning (images and text)
  2. Drills (images and text)
  3. Teaching Tips (text)
  4. Tennis Tips (images and text)
  5. Shot Patterns (images and text)
  6. Custom (text)

Here are some samples:

Continental Serve Grip Handout

U10 Lesson Plan

Save and Edit Handouts (Handout Section, Can of FUN! Section)

There are also over 200 handouts you can save and easily edit with your information.

Here are some samples:

From the Handout Section:

H118 Singles Post Match Review

H169 Court Condition

From the Can of Fun Section:

U10 Scoring

Tennis Connect the Dots


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