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The Drills Section includes over 500 drills and 200 video clips.  The Search Function allows you to quickly find a drill or game based on information and attributes you enter.  For example you can find drills based on; forehand, large group, video or search for serve, return and private lesson!  This section saves you time and is a convenient and valuable resource.

The drills include a diagram, text and many have a short video clip to view.  Here are some sample drills with video clips:

Groundstrokes: GPr111 Goals-n-Tennis 

Volleys: VPT237 High Volley

Serve/Return: SRC320 Serving for the Record

Doubles: DoC558 Doubles Half

Cardio: DoC542 Quick Warm-up

Here are some other drill samples:

Drill Sample: GaC619 Teamwork

Divide your players into two teams. The first player on each team tosses or throws (depending on levels) a ball to their teammates who catch and throw it to the remaining team members. Those players must catch it and then bounce and hit a specific shot to a specific area. There are many different ways to score for example, first team to make 9 successful hits (if a toss is missed a new ball is started) switching spots every three points. For more advanced players the last players on each team move to the other side of the net and must volley the toss back to their teammate who then throw it back to the teammate that started the sequence for a point.

Drill Sample: GC137 Duck Tennis

This drill is similar to the basketball game of duck. It works great with juniors but you can also tailor it for adults.

The first player in line chooses a shot to hit for example, a topspin forehand crosscourt. If that player makes the shot the next person in line must also make that shot or they receive a "d". The person who follows a missed shot can then choose a different shot to hit. Once a player accumulates d, u, c, k they are out. The last player in wins.

You can make this drill more challenging by adding more to their shot selection. For example, having them hit two or three shots or being more specific with where it lands, like beyond the service line.


Drill Sample: GC157 Two Alternating v. One

Divide the court in half with the players keeping the rally down the line. One player is hitting against two players with the two players rotating every shot. To help with control place a target on each side and to encourage footwork players alternate between hitting forehands and backhands.

Drill Sample: SSPr405 Drop Shot I

To start this drill line up tennis balls as targets about 5 feet apart starting on the student’s side in the service box. Continue the targets (two more) on the other side of the net. The student tries to develop a drop shot by first trying to hit targets on their side from the pro’s feed. Then progress to hitting balls over the net from the pro’s feeds. If the student begins to hit too hard have them aim for the closer targets.


Drill Sample: VC232 Volley Invaders

Divide your players into two teams. Both teams start on opposite service lines (three on each side). The pro feeds a volley to a team and the point is played out. Whoever makes a mistake sits out and another point is started. After each mistake someone will sit out. Once all the players are out on one team the other team receives a point for every player they have remaining. Then restart a point with all the players and the first team to reach 21 wins.


Drill Sample: VPT237 High Volley

Players start in one line near the singles sideline and the service line. X1 starts by shuffling to the first cone and then the pro tosses a wide high volley. After the player hits the feed they run around the cone and back in line.

*Cone placement, start players at baseline move in to first cone then volley across
*Vary angle of feeds, moving players forwards or backwards
*Players hit more than one shot


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