SSPSR206 Serve down the center and hit to the open court (deuce side)

This shot pattern starts by hitting the serve down the center in the deuce court. A hard flat serve down the middle often to the backhand of a right handed player will produce a neutral return. You can play this return offensively with your stronger side and hit to the open court. The open court may be to either side of your opponent. 
In this clip you will see a pro execute this serve shot pattern to the deuce court. He serves down the middle which in this case is also to his opponent’s backhand and receives a neutral return back down the middle. He then plays an offensive shot to a corner and wins the point when his opponent hits the next shot out. 
Tip: At most levels’ being able to place your serve is more of an advantage than just hitting it hard. Practice hitting serves to three areas in each service box, wide, down the center and in the middle (body serve).