SRC379 Serve down the Center, deuce court simulations

Here’s a good way for a group to practice serve placement and relate it to a specific pattern, in this case serving down the center to the deuce court.  An added advantage for two of the stations is that the emphasis is on the target only and players focus only on trying to serve to the target.  These two stations are set up and players are practicing the same angle used when serving into the deuce court.

Start with a player at each of the three stations with additional players rotating in after a certain number of serves. Here are some options:

·        Practice a different type of serve at each station; spin or flat

·        Count percentages, how many serves go in out of 10, the alleys creates a good landing area for two of the stations

·        Reward and Consequence; if a player(or team) hit a target they receive an award or the other player suffer a consequence