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Actual Tennis Club Model
See the actual programs, flyers and ideas from Hollow Rock Racquet and Swim Club, an award winning 22 court facility.  Here are some examples of flyers, a camp brochure and other ideas.  Subscribers can see additional information under the Programming Section and on the Welcome Page.

                                           Summer Camp Brochure                                                Tennis Talk Series
February 2014:
We have three options for USTA team practices; a college style practice with multiple courts and one coach, multiple coaches on multiple courts and or a cardio tennis session.  This Spring will we have about 25 teams playing USTA
February 2014:
Our junior program started in February but the weather was a factor.  We run our junior programs for two 8-week sessions in the Spring.  We try to have people pay for the session up front and the clinics run Mon. - Thurs. Players can sign up for 1x, 2x, 3x or 4x a week. Fridays are "TGIF" - Tennis Games it's Friday and we will offer junior tennis leagues, interclubs and our Pizza League.  Most of the first week was not held because of bad weather and kids can make up the session any time during the next seven weeks.
February 2014:
High School Boot Camp, in our area high school tennis practice starts the 2nd week of February.  The boot camp was scheduled for Sunday and Monday, Monday was rained out and we offer participants the opportunity to attend two of our junior development sessions as a make-up.  They actually recieve an extra 1/2 hour of instruction with the make-ups.
February 2014:
We have finished our summer camp brochures and the staff attended a successful Camp Fair at a local mall. We made a push to collect email addresses.  People seem to be a little concerned about giving out their emails but developing relationships eases some of these concerns.  FYI, some printing companies like Fed Ex or Kinkos have a new color process that takes a little more time, sometimes up to a week but it is very inexpensive.  We printed over 700 camp brochures in color for around $350.
January 2014:
I'm running a Tennis Talk Series at the club.  The idea for this program is to have guest speakers or use our staff to educate our tennis players on different relative topics.  For example, our first session is in February and is titled: "Eat and Drink like the Pros".  We are lucky to have Page Love, a well known nutritionist for the ATP and WTA deliver the talk.  We are splitting her fees with another club (the other club is close by but not a competitor).  We also worked a sponsor program with a local restuarant to help cover this and future events with the Tennis Talk Series.
January 2014:
I have divided our 2014 Calendar into  three main sections; Spring (March-May), Summer (June-August) and Fall (September-November) and we will also have a short winter indoor season for our junior program.  We have an arrangement with Duke University and rent indoor time at their facility.  Dividing the calendar into shorter seasons helps to organize and plan.  You will also notice a consistent theme for our 2014 flyers, this makes it easy to create a new flyer or promotion for an event once the original one was set up.

Tennis Pro's Job Challenge Solution Site Area
Calendars Setting up and promoting events and activities Our calendars with tennis tips are word documents you save and edit with your information. Print or email individual months Marketing
Drills New drills; not using the same old drills, organizing all your information and then finding the right drill. Also comprehending the drill and or diagram. Drill section with over 450 drills and video clips with a search function to easily find a drill for a specific area, such as forehands, large groups, cardio, doubles strategy, etc. The video clips make it easy to see the dynamics of the drill Drills
Flyers/Sign-ups Finding the time and graphics to create flyers and sign-up sheets Save the templates to your computer and just add your information Programming
Handouts Creating handouts that add value and educate your players Over 225 handouts many that you can save to your computer and edit with your name, logo, etc Drills/Handouts
Can of FUN!
Junior Tennis Adding new and fun games for young kids The Can of FUN! program provides coloring handouts, games, stickers, and a creative solution for all your tennis ball practice cans. Can of FUN!
Lesson Plans Running organized, progressive lessons, clinics, or camps Lesson plan section with over 200 plans organized for private, semi-private, clinics, teams, and camps Lesson Plan
Letters Promoting Clinic/Lessons/Camps Creating letters and emails that promote tennis and your programs Use these word document templates and edit them with your information Marketing
Sales Letters
Mixers/Round Robins Setting up a mixer or round robin in a professional manner with rounds, court assignments and match-ups The highlight and click features plus print outs with names saves you time and helps produce a professional and smooth event. The Tennis Mixer Fixer will set up the rounds and allows you to print individual schedules for each player Tennis Mixer Fixer
Monthly Newsletters Time and information needed to write and organize a tennis newsletter Save these word documents to your computer and easily edit or add your name, logo, etc Marketing/Newsletters
Programs Looking for new programs and interesting and exciting formats In this section you will find the information needed for a successful program plus see examples of over 50 popular program from facilities around the world Programming
Summer Camps Producing formats, lesson plans and adding value. Ideas to help set your summer camps apart from the competition. Print the lesson plans with the linked drills, the handouts and use the unique ideas in these sections Lesson Plans/Camps Marketing/Miscellaneous Can of FUN!
Team Management Keep your teams organized and setting line-ups The Team Manager will help you keep tract of records and player histories Tennis Mixer Fixer/
Team Manager
Tournaments Organizing a non-sanctioned tournament on a computer Tournament and Compass Draw section allows you to easily set up and run a non-sanctioned tournament or event, just highlight and click the names Tennis Mixer Fixer/
Compass Draws
Training Staff Finding easy and time efficient materials to educate and train staff Use the worksheets and materials in this section, save them to your computer and edit them to fit your needs Teaching Tips/Staff Development

Access to 550+ tennis drills, 200+ tennis videos, and 200+ lesson plans!

  • Set up your round robins, mixers, and team management with the Mixer Fixer
  • Tennis Tournament Draw Sheets, Double Elimination Brackets and Round Robins.
  • The ability to personalize professionally done templates for newsletters, calendars, graphic tennis tips, flyers, sign-up sheets, handouts and much more. You can use this information with your current newsletter or create separate tennis information that can be copied or e-mailed.
  • Examples of many different Tennis Programs including everything needed to make them successful.
  • Access to the Professional Forum: learn innovative solutions to challenging topics from Master Professionals

Kids Kourt! (with Mike Barrell)

Mike Barrell

CRTS is starting a new section on Tennis Teaching Resources called Kids Kourt! The section will provide exciting and useful information and resources for Quickstart, Hot Shots, Mini Tennis and Play and Stay. In this section CRTS has joined forces with Mike Barrell a world renowned teaching professional from the UK. Mike’s research and manuals on kid’s tennis are used throughout the world. We will also highlight information from the USTA and resources that are currently on Tennis Teaching Resources.




CRTS Welcomes "Dr. Dirt" Tim Wilkison
and High Level Tennis

In this High Level Tennis section, CRTS has joined forces with Tim Wilkison. Tim's impressive bio includes past US Junior Champion and playing over 15 years on the ATP Tour with six singles titles and nine doubles titles. We have divided this section into six areas important for developing high level tennis, plus a "Tim's Tips" area. Each area will contain ideas, drills, games, etc. that coaches can use to help their players reach a high level. Some of the information and drills highlighted in this section are also found in our drills section. New information will be added throughout the year.



CRTS Welcomes Award Winning Tennis Consultant Mark McMahon.

Mark McMahon

CRTS welcomes award-winning tennis consultant Mark McMahon, President of McMahon & Associates as our exclusive partner in the new CareerPath section. This section includes tips and articles on maximizing and managing your career. McMahon & Associates conducts Tennis Director Retained Searches for clubs. These positions are not advertised. If you are a Master Professional, or certified as "PTR tested" or "USPTA P1", you are eligible to complete a confidential CareerPath profile which will list you as available to be recruited when a Tennis Director position opens that matches your profile. McMahon & Associates provides a variety of tennis consulting services for tennis professionals and clubs. To learn more about taking a proactive approach to navigating your career or to explore the variety of consulting services available, complete a confidential CareerPath profile today.

CRTS Welcomes Domagoj Lausic

Mark McMahon

CRTS welcomes Domagoj Lausic (Ph.D in Sports Psychology) to the Mental Game Forum! His research interests include team communication, coordination, and development of expertise. Dom has been a PTR National Tester, clinician and a Symposium speaker. He is also certified as USPTA P1, completed all levels of USTA science testing as well as High Performance coaching program. He currently works as a developmental coach and a sport psychology consultant for the Seminole High Performance Junior Program in Tallahassee, FL. During 2005-06 he worked and traveled part-time with a WTA pro who reached a top 20 doubles ranking and a US Open Doubles Semifinal. His initial article we have added highlights communication in doubles!